Beauty Tips

26 Sep

Beauty Tips

Day spa beauty tips to bring out that beautiful you.

Rather than looking for beauty in an over-priced day spa beauty products discover it within yourself and then enhance it.

The media seem to suggest that we all need to conform to a certain standard to look beautiful. I think we would all feel a lot more beautiful if we never flicked through a glossy magazine again.

Change your beliefs in relation to beauty and you will change the way you feel and in turn change the way you look. 

Beauty is an energy that comes from within. If you are feeling great about yourself and have an open heart, energy will radiate outward from you. On the other hand, if you are feeling bad about yourself your heart is closed and your energy is contained.

This can be proven easily by walking joyfully down the street with a great big smile. Notice how many smiles you get back. It must be a smile that comes from deep genuine happiness. A forced smile will not have the same effect.

Your energy affects people and they don’t even know it. All they know is that they are attracted to you. You make them feel great.

Once we see beyond the way we have been ‘programmed’ by the media we recognize the truth, that beauty comes from within.

The first step toward becoming more beautiful is to improve your self-image. Click here for an easy exercise to improve your body image and self-esteem

Nurture your inner beauty and you will shine!

Commit to living a healthy life in true spa style Drink living waters and eat live foods, Learn to breathe correctly and Exercise regularly.

Get in touch with your body Take up a class in movement, in my opinion, the best options for this purpose are yoga, belly dancing and Pilates. If you are adventurous try a pole dancing class or learn to striptease. A great video or book for both is the S Factor by Sheila Kelley

Have a spa night once per week Exfoliate, have a bath by candlelight, wax, give yourself a pedicure and a manicure put a treatment in your hair and apply a mask. Click here for the ultimate day spa beauty routine.

Check your appearance with a Hollywood mirror

Use a vanity mirror to check your appearance every day. If you what to look like a Hollywood star, then you can choose a Hollywood style mirror to make that.

Take your time to get ready each morning Develop your own morning ritual.

Avoid poisons in your skin and day spa beauty care There are so many wonderful natural beauty products on the market that it is getting easier and easier to make a natural choice. Don’t be misled by the word natural, it is being misused for marketing purposes, read the labels. This list of dangerous chemicals shows you what to avoid. Make your own homemade skin care or buy organic skin and personal care products.

Look immaculate

Wear beautiful underwear

Smell divine

Smile and don’t take yourself too seriously!