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6 Mar

Inner beauty

Love Yourself… Improve your body image for the surest way to greater health and beauty

Body image is the foundation for everything. All of the spa treatments and

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beauty products in the world will not bring you true beauty and happiness. You’ve got to LOVE yourself!

Remember the chants “Oooh you love yourself, if you think you’re so great, why don’t you marry yourself then!”

Sounds funny now but sadly the little girl or boy in us all may still be affected by this type of conditioning. Obviously not just from the school yard but from society in general. The tall poppy syndrome!

The sadness of it is that it actually promotes self loathing and the terrible habit of talking yourself down. All of which contribute to low self esteem and poor self image or body image.

Affirmations are a great place to start on the journey home to self love.


Start by taking notice of that little voice in your head. Don’t worry if negative thoughts keep coming just thank them and change them to positive ones.

Thank them because they have served a purpose and now you are changing them to positive ones. Push doubt aside too.

Mastering your mind is the hardest work of all so be patient.

Here are some empowering affirmations to improve your self image;

I love and appreciate myself just as I am.

I love and accept myself completely.

I give thanks for all that I am blessed with.

I am a beautiful soul.

I am loving life and radiating inner beauty.

As a reminder write the affirmations on a card and stick them on the bathroom mirror, the computer, in the car, anywhere that you will see them throughout the day.

The whole topic of body image or self esteem can’t be covered in one page.

If this aspect of your life is lacking then no other area of your life will ever be right. You will need to work on it through reading and meditation.

Self worth, self love, self esteem is the basis of everything. On the other hand if you have mastered this aspect of your life then all other areas of your life will also be perfect – regardless of your current circumstances.

The following quote sums it up perfectly;

“A truly happy person is someone who can enjoy the scenery on a detour”

It’s all about you

Enhance your body image and self-esteem by taking care of yourself in the following ways;

Make the decision now to appreciate yourself more and be kinder to yourself

Treat yourself as you would someone you love

Praise yourself

Celebrate victories, however, small – take a little bow!

Meditate every day even if it’s just 5 minutes to sit still and just be

Soul food

What is your soul food, what really lights you up? This is the key to a better body image or self-image. Nurturing yourself.

Some of mine are;

Walking barefoot on the grass

Singing my head off in the car

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Going for a walk in the morning or at dusk

Lighting a scented candle before bed

Reading by candlelight

Walking along a deserted beach

Getting a message

Giving a message

Learning something new

Burning essential oils

Taking a leisurely bath

Most of these things can be done on a daily basis and can really nurture your soul. Little things done regularly will build the love you feel for yourself and your connectedness to the universe. The trick is not to rush. Be mindful and quietly observant.

There is only one you in all of the time. You are unique and special. Take care of yourself and let this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship… with yourself!